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Artists/Writers- Alexia -Paul Griffin- Earl Green-Lu- Jon Griffin  

Vision is an Independent UK based Digital Media company set up by Paul Griffin. Originally just for music, but now also including video and books. Some of the projects are personal, others in partnership with associated Artists/Performers/Writers. More



Looking for Ave Maria or Sacred Heart by Alexia?

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'Ave Maria' 

All Our Spiritual Music Videos are now available on DVD- 

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 "A nice read for your beach holiday in South London" 

 According to recent reports Global Warming has become almost

 irreversible !  'And They Say Smoking Is Bad For You' 

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New Single

'Sweet to Me' 

Earl Green /Paul Griffin/JAZZ ATTACK   Due to ill health sadly this is probably the last thing Earl will record. Mr. Green provides a classic vulnerable raw vocal on this track with Paul as ever adding his Jazz influence to the backtrack! 

OUT Autumn 2016 

Distributed by AWAL/Kobalt